Drysuit Inflation System (Complete)

Diving Unlimited International

DUI Part Number: 302450

Product Description

A complete system in one box – ready to go! Drysuit inflation systems aren’t just for technical divers anymore. They are for anyone who doesn’t want to use their breathing gas to inflate their drysuit.

Until now, if you wanted an inflation system, you had to shop around for all of the parts. You bought your tank one place, your regulator in another and the straps from someone else entirely.

Now it’s easy! DUI, the designer and manufacturer of the world’s most popular drysuit systems, brings you everything you need for a drysuit inflation system in one box – ready to go!


  • 6 cubic foot aluminum 3000 psi cylinder with ¾” DIN post valve
  • DUI mini regulator with hose: 3/4 “ DIN with over pressure relief valve and 36” hose
  • DUI MasterGrip cylinder-to-cylinder mounting straps

GSA Contract Holder


Category: Drysuit Inflation

Type: Drysuit Inflation