CF200 Knee Pads Standard (13.5" x 5.5")

Diving Unlimited International

DUI Part Number: 302410

Product Description

Uninstalled Standard CF200 Knee Pads optimal add on for any drysuit diver appreciates additional reinforcement protection.

With a proven record of performance and durability, the CF200, is the drysuit choice of technical and professional divers around the world. As pioneers in exposure protection, DUI discovered early advantages of crushing neoprene. Although many others claim the benefits of "compression", DUI is the only manufacturer which has truly perfected the art of neoprene refinement.

By actually taking 3mm neoprene and putting it through a rigorous refinement process, we allow the neoprene to off-gas and crush to 1mm. This makes an extremely dense and elastic material which offers the ultimate in protection from the environment. If you put a sample of crushed and compressed materials under a microscope you will find the compressed material still has round bubbles, unlike the crushed material cells are streamlined and flat. This makes the CF200 extremely challenging to penetrate with impressive stretch characteristics. Below is a photograph showing the difference.


  • CF200 Material 13.5" x 5.5" (1 pair)

GSA Contract Holder


Type: Uninstalled Drysuit Accessories