OMS by Miflex High Flexible Inflator Hose 24" (61 cm)


DUI Part Number: 28418002

Product Description

Miflex hoses feature a patent pending double nylon safety braiding designed to outperform and outlive traditional rubber hoses. Miflex hoses are 30% lighter than an equivalent length rubber hose and have unmatched flexibility. You can tie a Miflex hose in a knot and be assured of continuous, uninterrupted airflow. Miflex Hoses have a minimum burst pressure of 3600 psi (250 bar), more than twice rubber hoses.


  • Miflex Inflation Hose  22″ / 56 cm
  • Miflex Inflation Hose 24″ / 61 cm
  • Miflex Inflation Hose  26″ / 65 cm
  • Miflex Inflation Hose 29″ / 74 cm
  • Miflex Inflation Hose 36″ / 90 cm


  • Traditional rubber with chromed brass fittings
  • Length is measured from end to end of hose
  • Hose lengths range from 22" to 36" 


Category: Inflation Hoses

Type: Inflation