BlueHeat Gloves

Diving Unlimited International

DUI Part Number: 292341

Product Description

The BlueHeat gloves are the answer for divers who always have cold hands. Delivering 18 watts of power these gloves provide both warmth and dexterity.


  • Delivers 18 watts of power
  • Designed using the same technology used for the military
  • Men’s Sizes S M L XL
  • Super-stretch material for maximum dexterity
  • Strategically positioned Microwire to maximize heat distribution
  • Heating pad has thermostat and diver protection circuit
  • Extra durable construction

Customer Feedback:

"I’d like to tell you a story of a girl named Cari. For 4 years she dreamed of being a scuba diver at the Seattle Aquarium. She spent many days over the years in front of the exhibits engaging audiences and introducing them to Diver Katie or Diver Nicole. Even though she was a diver in her free time, she dreamed of being Diver Cari. One day her dream came true! Two years ago she was chosen to be the next Seattle Aquarium Interpretive Diver! Luckily when she joined the program in the fall the water temperatures peaked at 54 degrees so she was able to fine-tune her buoyancy and learn proper mic placement so she could feed wolf eels with enthusiasm. Then winter came. Familiar with the 46 degree water temperatures of winters’ past she didn’t think twice, but forgot to take into consideration exhibit diving is often less active than recreational diving. Cari regularly spent 70 minutes or more spent floating in one small space presenting shows, giving underwater high fives, and feeding those adorable wolf eels. Her body just didn’t generate the same heat. Before she knew it her lips were turning a lovely shade of blue, goose bumps covered her arms, and her hands started to ache. “ No worries, more layers will do the trick!” she thought to herself. And help they did, for the most part, but her hands … her poor little hands just never stayed warm.

Until one day….

The BlueHeat System from DUI showed up! The days of freezing cold hands were over. No more bright red, achy joints. No more running hot water over them for 5 minutes to get them back to normal. Today she got out of the exhibit with WARM hands (and warm body too)!!! Now she dreams of the heated booties and more cold water exhibits to dive in!


Cari Garand Seattle Aquarium"


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