BlueHeat Battery

Diving Unlimited International

DUI Part Number: 292334

Product Description

BlueHeat sources power from a 12.8 volt / 160 watts / 12.5 amp hour battery. This battery meets TSA travel standards.

Technical divers have understood for decades that passive insulation is not always enough for ultra-long underwater exposures. As a pioneer in Hot Water suits, DUI developed the only active heating technology designed to be used safely underwater.  While many competitors make 12 volt systems DUI made a system that runs on 6 volts DC within the suit.  The combination of the lower voltage and circuit protection keep the diver safe in the rare case of a suit flood. The variable heat settings allow the diver to control the heat output in order to better control the warmth to duration ratio.  

Our BlueHeat System consists of three* major components:

  1. Jumpsuit
  2. Drysuit port
  3. Battery and controller

*Optional heated socks and gloves.

Customer Feedback:

"If a picture is worth a 1,000 words we invite you to watch this quick video clip. Cameron Jackson came all the way down from Canada to test dive BlueHeat at the Tacoma DUI DEMOTOUR. Love at first dive? You decide." 

Click here to watch 

- Cameron Jackson


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