Airstream Evoque YOKE with 30"/ 75 cm OMS by Miflex Hose & Evoque Octopus with 40"/ 100cm Miflex Hose


DUI Part Number: 13318008

As a diver moves underwater they quickly learn that streamlined gear is critical to diving efficiently and conserving gas. One of the main features of the high-performance Airstream Evoque is the streamlined hose routing of the first stage. The low-pressure ports are angled 30-degrees down and 23-degrees forward to allow hose routing directly over the shoulders keeping the configuration close to the diver’s body. Additionally, the high-pressure ports are angle down 45-degrees for minimal resistance and keeping the SPG as close to the divers’ side as possible. The high-performance Airstream Evoque delivers the industry’s finest work of breathing (WOB) of .8 joules per liter.

DIN or Yoke available


  • High performance overbalanced diaphragm first stage
  • Environmental protection
  • First stage has 4 LP ports and 2 HP ports angled for hose routing
  • Cold Water and Nitrox Ready
  • Matte Chrome finish
  • CE certified to EN250 European standards

 Some of the unique features of the Evoque second stage are the exhaust deflector with a door that opens to give access to the flapper valve. The exhaust deflector is also designed to work in conjunction the OMS Tattoo Mask, allowing the exhaled bubbles to route up behind the sides of the mask. The Predive / Dive switch keeps the Evoque from free flowing when the diver doesn’t have the regulator in his mouth. The adjustment knob that allows the diver to change the breathing resistance has a clutch that prevents over tightening when increasing resistance. 

This regulator system comes in a variety of different hose lengths from 22” to 84” in addition it can be purchased with a color-coded octopus that shares all the same features of the primary second stage.


  • Balanced
  • Access door to clear exhaust valve
  • Dive/ Pre-dive switch
  • Diver Adjustable

The AirStream Evoque Octopus shares all the same features of the Primary Evoque it just comes with a safety yellow faceplate and a 40” safety yellow hose.


  • Balanced
  • Access door to clear exhaust valve
  • Dive/ Pre-dive switch
  • Diver Adjustable



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