IQ Chemically Resistant Backpack


DUI Part Number: 11518023

Product Description

This is the same design as the IQ backpack but manufactured with chemically resistant materials and designed for the Public Safety Diver (PSD) for use in HAZMAT environments. The IQ Pack will distribute weight across the hips and back to evenly disperse the weight of single or double tanks. The comfortable adjustable ergonomic padded shoulder straps help the diver attain the ideal snug fit in and out of the water. The OMS soft pack design adds substantial comfort over the traditionally more stable design of a hard backplatebut the IQ pack offers BOTH features in one system. It offers a truly unique rear pocket located behind the lumbar pad to accommodate an optional hard backplate to increase harness stability if desired offering multiple cylinder mounting options.

The CRIQ backpack also uses flaps with fasteners in lieu of Velcro to hold the backplate in place to minimize contaminant adherence. Epaulets on each shoulder pad assist with hose routing of both the corrugated hose (left side) and your regulator hoses (right side) to keep a streamlined profile in the water and eliminate "entanglement hazards". The Epaulets utilizes snaps for closure, this eliminates areas for contaminants. The waist strap is equipped with a latch-style stamped stainless steel buckle and the adjustable torso chest (sternum) and crotch straps are equipped with squeeze-style slide-release plastic buckles for easy donning and doffing. Harness system includes (2) chest mounted D-rings, (2) waist strap D-rings, a crotch strap O-ring, and multiple statically placed small D-rings, all made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.


  • Accommodates both single and double tank diving
  • Distributes tank weight across the hips and back
  • Adjustable ergonomic padded shoulder straps
  • Material designed for harsh environments
  • Excellent for frequent chlorine diving / training

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